About Us
AABH-NC is part of the national Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare www.aabh.org which is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the highest standards of patient care. The local programs in Northern California share current clinical research, establish client satisfaction tools, utilize information sharing networks, and set standards and guidelines that promote best practice and care to our patients. Partial hospitalization is a daily, intensive, multi-disciplinary program. The team consists of psychiatrist, licensed therapist, and other specialists in the field of psychiatric health care. It is recommended for people with serious emotional disorders who temporarily need a structured treatment environment but who are able to return home on nights and weekends.

The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization
Partial Hospitalization is ideal for the person whose psychiatric problems have been stabilized but more intensive care is required. Many of the programs provide services to adolescents. Please refer to the list of providers for more detail.

Partial Hospitalization is an ideal treatment setting for individuals struggling with a wide array of mental health related issues where structured support, validation, and symptom education can have important life altering benefits. The participating programs listed on this website all offer similar support and services. Most of the programs offer services Monday-Friday. The individual schedule of the patient may vary based on need. The programs offer intensive group psychotherapy and support for individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, and may have co-morbid substance abuse problems as well as grief and loss, trauma, and conflict management problems, to name a few.

Outpatient Services
Outpatient intensive clinical services offer a highly effective and efficient treatment option for individuals in need of structure and support. Please refer to the Participating Programs page for more information on how a program in your community can help.